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MyEducator smart textbooks are proven solutions for increasing student engagement and success by utilizing multimedia content, interactive assessments, cases, and learning activities. Every resource includes robust instructor material, student and course analytics, and seamless LMS integration, saving you time as your students engage in ANY classroom setting. Get in touch with us for full access to any learning resource and ENGAGE better today!

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"I absolutely LOVE MyEducator. It's an awesome platform for people like me that do all of their schooling online. It is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and handy. . . . I don't have to purchase a book on top of everything else. This is by far the easiest online platform I have used."



TACTYC (Teachers of Accounting at Two-Year Colleges) will host its annual conference in Portland, Oregon, in 2023. The TACTYC conference offers accounting educators like you an opportunity to recharge and refresh their skills and network with colleagues from all over the country.

Come to the 33rd Annual POMS (Production and Operations Management Society) Conference, with the theme of Fostering a Better and Smarter World with POM, and help build a sustainable, responsible, and resilient global future.

The 35th anniversary of the Shingo Institute will be a year to connect with new and familiar faces, drive your professional development, and celebrate your achievements. We’ve searched globally to bring you thought leaders and practitioners who have succeeded and are willing to share their experiences with you.

Change in the workplace and your own work doesn’t come easily. It takes vision, connections, commitment, and access to the right resources—all the things you’ll get and we’ll celebrate at SHRM23, SHRM’s 75th anniversary conference.


Improve Teacher Ratings

with myeducator

Dr. Amydee Fawcett talks about the way MyEducator has improved her students' experiences, both in and out of the classroom, with the added benefit of improving her own teacher approval ratings.

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"The quality of this online experience was superb due to ease of use, intuitive design, organization of course materials, and interactive application assignments."



We offer a learning platform that is intuitive for students and easy to adopt for professors
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Auto-Graded Assessments
Customize assessments or create new ones. Assessments are completed online within the text and instantly graded with detailed feedback.

Instructor Materials icon
Instructor Materials
Take advantage of study plans, PowerPoint presentations, and test banks so that courses require minimal start-up time.

Interactive Media icon
Interactive Media
Appeal to any learning style with interactive, accessible media. Content accommodates those with disabilities and includes ReadSpeaker and captions for videos.

Every Classroom Setting icon
Every Classroom Setting
Smart textbooks can be used in classrooms, online, blended, flipped, or in any other combination. Content is fully customizable.

Robust Analytics icon
Robust Analytics
Monitor the entire class as well as individual students to quickly identify those at risk. Analytics track performance and completion of reading, videos, and assessments.

Any Device, Anytime icon
Any Device, Anytime
Read, watch, and listen anywhere! Our mobile-optimized learning resources feature best-in-class functionality, including the ability to download and study offline.

LMS Integration icon
LMS Integration
Access courseware with single sign-on convenience using our LMS integration tools. Assignments, exams, and grades are automatically synced.

Glossary, Notebook, & Flashcards icon
Glossary, Notebook, & Flashcards
Highlight and make notes throughout the text. Search and navigate to any key term in the text. Courses come with flashcards for every glossary term, and students can also create their own.
Certification & Gamification icon
Certification & Gamification
Allow your students to earn achievements in the classroom. Keep them engaged using ready-made badges and certificates, or create your own.

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Low Cost, Lifetime Access
Made by professors, for professors with affordable pricing and lifetime access for students!


We've earned the trust of prestigious universities around the globe that wanted to give their students an edge

Endorsed by Top Academics

Dr. Wendy Tate is just one of the industry experts featured in our interactive smart textbooks to bring the materials to life with helpful videos and up-to-date insights on a variety of subjects.

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"I've authored books with many different publishers over my career, but
MyEducator is the best I have ever worked with."



Find research and data about online learning, explore insights and trends in education, stay updated on our latest resource offerings, and celebrate the successes of the MyEducator community. All in one convenient location.

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Request free instructor access to any resource. Simply let us know who you are, what school you teach at, which resources you would like access to, and we'll do the rest!


Request free instructor access to any resource. Simply let us know who you are, what school you teach at, which resources you would like access to, and we'll do the rest!